The concept of a virtual escape room is simple: you’re locked in a situation and you have to solve puzzles or riddles to break out. It’s a great way to build teamwork and a sense of adventure.

There are a lot of options when it comes to virtual escape rooms in Toronto. Some of them offer physical rooms that you can experience with your friends or family, while others are entirely online.

This online option is perfect for people who would like to play an escape game from home. The experience is similar to a real-life escape room except you can do it at your own pace and on the streaming service of your choice.

A team of four will find themselves trapped in a building that has been burning down and they have 60 minutes to escape. Throughout this time, your team will work together to solve a variety of logic puzzles and math equations.

If you’re looking for an immersive and challenging escape room in Toronto, then you need to check out one of the many options available online. Besides offering an excellent experience, some of these rooms also donate a portion of their proceeds to charity!

Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion

The idea behind this escape room is that you’re a group of paranormal investigators that are trying to solve a mysterious murder. You’ll need to scour the house and use your wits to uncover clues that will help you find out who the killer is!

This escape room is perfect for Halloween or year-round. The setting is an old mansion that’s been haunted for centuries.

These virtual escape rooms are a fun and challenging way to spend time with your friends or family. The games vary in size and theme, but the core tenets are the same: you’re given an escape game challenge that you need to solve within a certain amount of time.

Escape the Mob: A Jewel Heist

If you’re in Toronto, you can try a virtual escape room that’s based on a real-life heist scenario. In this room, you have to establish an alibi to prove that you’re not at the crime scene when the jewels were stolen.

This online escape game is ideal for teams who want to play in different parts of Canada. You’ll be able to interact with the characters in this experience through a live video stream on Zoom.

ConnecTeen: Mental Health Resources

If your team is interested in learning more about mental health, then this virtual escape room is a great option. It’s a story-based game that’s designed to help people overcome stress and anxiety.

The goal of the game is to learn more about the story of a woman who was separated from her family in the 1960s. This game is a great option for teams of up to eight people.

When it comes to reviewing these online escape rooms, the team at Escape Room Addicts has five grading factors they look at when making their review decisions. They evaluate everything from the immersion to the quality of the puzzles. The team looks at all of these aspects and gives each room a rating of 1-10 on a scale.